An old man stuck in a young mans body, Chris enjoys soul music and house shoes. On a never-ending quest to find the perfect burger, he has happily become acquainted with his fair share of beer and bourbon.  An undiagnosed Netflix addict, Chris watches over 10 films a week and has a tendency to indulge in cheesy futuristic tv-shows from the 90s.  He wears a shoelace for a belt and laughs with his shoulders, every time.

Her pops taught her to work like a dog and that she does, mainly so she can unwind with tequila on the rocks and reggae on the radio.  She all too often gets lost in conversation and although her feet are on the ground, her head is in the clouds.  Easter is her favorite time of year, mostly for the love of mini Cadbury eggs, and if she could she would swim all day, everyday. 




We see HUE.

Everywhere. In everything. There is no frame that can contain our vision. Today it's here, tomorrow there. Our hope is that it leads us to you.

We are dreamers, seers, lovers and creators. We seek that which is imagined and we capture only to share.

Our passion lies in our wonder of the world. Our dreams play out in the daylight and our nights are filled with light. 

We believe in the extraordinary and revel with delight in the minute. We have faith that the sublime is within us and heaven all around us. 

We are the dreamers of dreams. We invite you to join us, to discover and to reveal that which is within you and without you.  

-Chris & Tara