The sun and the dust and the dance.  That's what I remember.  One morning I saw a gorgeous woman and as I walked past her, she told me I was beautiful before the words could cross my lips.  Drums seemed to beat the entire week, changing rhythms but the bass stayed the same.  I remember forgetting my name and meeting an archangel.

The sand and its hues and the moon.  That's what I can't forget.  One night we went past the city limits and without glass in front of my eyes, I let my hips sway under a full moon.  Blurred lights moved in and around the city like stars dancing on a mirror in the sky.  I remember forgetting my body and merging with the infinite.

The woman and the man and the dance.  That's what I carry with me.  One week of one year of my life was spent amongst family I had never met and in a place I only ever imagined.  Gathered around a fire exploding in the night, new elements were created and sent out into the world, hitched on the wind.   I remember Burning Man and I can never forget it